Blog Why Professional Dessert Station Setup?
Why Professional Dessert Station Setup?
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Why Professional Dessert Station Setup?

Dessert is a huge part of every event.

Baby shower?

Family reunion?

Sunday's game day?



A dessert station is the perfect place to put all the sweets for the event.

Almost everyone knows someone that bakes cakes, cookies, and lots of other desserts.

What’s missing? How about an amazing dessert station, one that looks like it’s in a five-star hotel?

At ABC Flowers and Events, we offer a unique service: We will come to your event, before everyone arrives, and set up an amazing dessert station worthy of the delicious gifts that friends and family are supplying.

The keys to a dessert station are styles that complement your event. We set up a station that has multiple levels, beautiful decorations, awesome linens, and an eye toward something so stunning it becomes the talk of the event.

Is it hard to set up a dessert station?

The short answer is: no, if you know what you’re doing.

The keys to a dessert station is to make sure that your desserts are stable, even though some of them may be elevated. That requires a collection of risers and other decorative tools that most people simply don’t have.

At ABC Flowers and Events, we can create a station that is as perfectly personal as your event is.

Do you supply the sweets?

No. The reason is that we stay with what we’re good at. We’re awesome with design, decoration, setup, and tear down.

We work with amazing bakers, confectioners, and more that we will be happy to recommend. 

We invite their delicious gifts to the party, then we honor them with a dessert station that is perfect for your event!

Call us at 305-586-5830 to arrange for us to build a dessert station at your next event or email us to