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Tips, tips!
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Tips, tips!

Budgeting the flowers for your event can be stressful but with these tips the experience will be a lot smoother and you might actually enjoy the process.

Good luck!

1. Spread out the more expensive flowers.

Instead of creating your arrangements of all expensive flowers such as peonies, dahlias
or succulents, try to use only some of them combined with some fillers and greens.

2. Include wildflowers or friendly budget flowers to your arrangements such as
spray roses, hydrangeas or football mums.

3. Use small multi vases instead of using big vases. Spread them and combine
them by using greenery in some of them, and flowers in some others. Make sure that
they are different sizes and shapes to create contrast.


4. Create impact by using color. Using colors that go well together is even more
important than having a variety of flowers on an arrangement so pick your colors wisely.