Blog Renting for your party: The better idea!
 Renting for your party: The better idea!
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Renting for your party: The better idea!

Renting for your party: The better idea!

Whenever we plan a party, we find ourselves looking for the right items. We end up spending a lot of time or money looking for the perfect items to make the party happen.

At ABC Flowers and Events, we rent table linens for events, even when we aren’t doing anything else at the event. There are lots of great reasons to rent linens from us (and other party items from other businesses).

Here are our top three reasons for renting linens from ABC Flowers and Events, and maybe other things, too.

Get the right look for your event. There are way too many events that have just plain white table linens or *gulp* disposable plastic linens. Nothing can be more annoying than planning a massive event and having it look plain. At ABC Flowers and Events, we offer linens that are haute couture. Get linens that fit your event perfectly, instead of “making due” with whatever you can find.

Save the environment. Disposable plastic linens are, obviously, not great for the environment, but neither is going out and buying linens you don’t need. While it’s not usually a major concern to keep the carbon footprint, it’s becoming increasingly vogue to keep your impact down. Using rented linens, you can have the style you want without buying new, expensive items or cheap, disposable.

Save money. While disposable items might seem like a cheaper route, after a few parties, you’ll be losing money. Renting can save you money, especially if you plan on buying good linens for your event. Purchasing linens will be expensive. This is doubly true if you are only going to use them once or twice a year.

Next time you’re going to host an event, rent some gorgeous linens for the tables. Everyone will love the way your room looks. You’ll be thrilled at how the room looks and how your guests look at the space.