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How to arrange a classic bouquet
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How to arrange a classic bouquet

We’ll let you into a little secret.

Our new classic style of bouquet arrives ready to go straight into your vase – as easy as ABC, no arranging necessary!

Our in-house floral artisans expertly design the bouquet for you, always choosing beautifully unusual and seasonal stems. It then gets arranged by hand, secured with string, and delivered to your door as an elegant arrangement.


Classic never goes out of style

A Unwrap. Read the little notes we left you

B Add water. Fill ⅓ with water and add the flower food

C Trim your stems. Pop the flowers in your vase (with the string attached)


As simple as Do Re Mi.

Here’s 1, 2, 3 classic tips


It is the perfect table centerpiece

It is the perfect gift for your mother

It adds elegance and color to every occasion

There is nothing we love more than seeing how your flowers look at your home. Post your images on either Facebook or Instagram and tag us. #alwaysbecreative