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Event Trends for 2018
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Event Trends for 2018

Decor trends are a cycle so some trends that have been glorious in the past can be popular again any time. Do not be surprised if you see this year something that you have seen before, it is completely normal. If you will like to tweak it a little and give it your own touch go ahead and do so. Trends are set to be followed every season but being unique is always in style. 

The trends for 2018:

1. Warm metallic finishes. Paire brass and copper with neutrals for an amazing look. 

2. Hand Wooven Decor. Weaving some yarns and ropes to use as backdrops or even runners will give that homely feel to your event. Dare to add texture. 

3. Bright Colors and Bold Tropical Accent Colors should scale one or two shades brighter this year. Think of palettes of blues, oranges and ultra violets. 

4. Tartan & Plaid. These two prints are tasteful if the colors in the print are neutrals or muted and will not only look great but will give a unique look to your event. 

5. Lace Dollies. Use them over a simple table cloth and give that cozy look to your event. 

6. Earth & Luxury. Based on the sense of well being. Use organic materials, earthy tones, rosewood and walnut. 

7. Simple & Authentic. Rustic neutral hues, exposed distressed materials, textured linens with raw detailing.