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The Latest

  • 16 de enero, 2018

    When you are looking for your perfect floral piece you need to think outside the box if you want to be unique. Combine colors and even textures to get that perfect harmonious piece that will WOW each one of your guests. Purple, green, pink and yellow? This might not work in your head but as we see in the picture it is just amazing! Go ahead visit your flower shop or call us for that perfect piece. Dare to be different but the most important dare to be you!

  • 16 de enero, 2018

    Obsessed with flowers? You’re not alone! We made a list of our all time favorite floral instagram accounts for you to follow!

    Jo Flowers

    Jo lives in Norfolk with her family, ducks, hens and rabbits… and of course, the love of her life – her garden. She’s a great floral stylist and not only she created a beautiful account but her blog is as dreamy and gorgeous too!

    Pretty City London

    It was mutual love at first sight…. The wonderful photographer Siobhaise has tagged us in lots of her stunning floral shots. Even better, head to #prettycitylondon to discover what happened after she asked her followers to take shots inspired by Bloomon!

    Design Love Fest

    Bri Emery the owner of Design Love Fest blog is an old time inspiration. She is a creative director, blogger and travel addict living in LA ­ what not to love?


    No need to be shy… We love flowers more than anything and we’re passionate about sharing it! We work with the most amazing stylists and photographers bringing you the blissful flower happiness online and offline!

    Amy Merrick

    Amy is another wonderful stylist and also a passionate traveller. She makes us feel restless and adventurous. In other words, she fills our pants with lots of ants!



  • 16 de enero, 2018

    Budgeting the flowers for your event can be stressful but with these tips the experience will be a lot smoother and you might actually enjoy the process.

    Good luck!

    1. Spread out the more expensive flowers.

    Instead of creating your arrangements of all expensive flowers such as peonies, dahlias
    or succulents, try to use only some of them combined with some fillers and greens.

    2. Include wildflowers or friendly budget flowers to your arrangements such as
    spray roses, hydrangeas or football mums.

    3. Use small multi vases instead of using big vases. Spread them and combine
    them by using greenery in some of them, and flowers in some others. Make sure that
    they are different sizes and shapes to create contrast.


    4. Create impact by using color. Using colors that go well together is even more
    important than having a variety of flowers on an arrangement so pick your colors wisely.

  • 16 de enero, 2018

    Decor trends are a cycle so some trends that have been glorious in the past can be popular again any time. Do not be surprised if you see this year something that you have seen before, it is completely normal. If you will like to tweak it a little and give it your own touch go ahead and do so. Trends are set to be followed every season but being unique is always in style. 

    The trends for 2018:

    1. Warm metallic finishes. Paire brass and copper with neutrals for an amazing look. 

    2. Hand Wooven Decor. Weaving some yarns and ropes to use as backdrops or even runners will give that homely feel to your event. Dare to add texture. 

    3. Bright Colors and Bold Tropical Accent Colors should scale one or two shades brighter this year. Think of palettes of blues, oranges and ultra violets. 

    4. Tartan & Plaid. These two prints are tasteful if the colors in the print are neutrals or muted and will not only look great but will give a unique look to your event. 

    5. Lace Dollies. Use them over a simple table cloth and give that cozy look to your event. 

    6. Earth & Luxury. Based on the sense of well being. Use organic materials, earthy tones, rosewood and walnut. 

    7. Simple & Authentic. Rustic neutral hues, exposed distressed materials, textured linens with raw detailing. 

  • 16 de enero, 2018

    We’ll let you into a little secret.

    Our new classic style of bouquet arrives ready to go straight into your vase – as easy as ABC, no arranging necessary!

    Our in-house floral artisans expertly design the bouquet for you, always choosing beautifully unusual and seasonal stems. It then gets arranged by hand, secured with string, and delivered to your door as an elegant arrangement.


    Classic never goes out of style

    A Unwrap. Read the little notes we left you

    B Add water. Fill ⅓ with water and add the flower food

    C Trim your stems. Pop the flowers in your vase (with the string attached)


    As simple as Do Re Mi.

    Here’s 1, 2, 3 classic tips


    It is the perfect table centerpiece

    It is the perfect gift for your mother

    It adds elegance and color to every occasion

    There is nothing we love more than seeing how your flowers look at your home. Post your images on either Facebook or Instagram and tag us. #alwaysbecreative 

  • 16 de enero, 2018

    Choosing the flowers that you will be using for your wedding and for your wedding bouquete can seem complicated and somehow stressing. This season you have so many beautiful options that doing it so will be a walk in the park. One of my favorite options are the Ranunculus which happen to be in season now. They are not only stunning but the perfect touch for your bridal bouquete, bouttonieres and center pieces. The Ranunculus combined with Hydrangeas, Billy Balls and Brunias will make of your bouquete and arrangements something extraordinary, simply pieces of art. The white of the hydrangeas and the yellow of the ranunculus contrast each other to perfection while the Brunias and the mini succulents compliment them with the more muted tones. 

  • 16 de enero, 2018


  • 16 de enero, 2018

    Find wedding flowers by color, style, season or venue, simply click the label links on the right hand side. Or you can simply scroll down and browse randomly, you never know what gorgeous little ideas or general inspiration you might find across.